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14th-Jun-2012 09:07 pm - juicing

it's hot (104 degrees for me by sunday :-/). too hot to cook. so let's keep the kitchen cool and still make our bodies love us with juicing!

darling daughter is in this video, well her hands anyway. '-> she is actually making the juice! this was made for a friend. but she got the showbiz bug and plans on opening a youtube channel of her own, all about juicing! give it a watch and drink up!!

thanks for watching!

9th-May-2012 09:03 am - i need help!!
PB head kiss
your help, prison break / wentworth miller, sarah wayne calles fans.

here's why: i started reading fifty shades of grey (i like being fashionably late to the party  '>) i'm only on chapter 2, but all i can picture is went & sarah for the movie version in my head. other actors have been mentioned (henry cavill, william levy), both pretty, but i still see w&s.

my daughter-in-law is also reading the books. she likes henry cavill for the lead role. i mentioned sarah & went. she said 'who?'. from prison break & the walking dead, i say. don't watch them, she says. *i nearly fainted, of course*

i want to e mail her pics, but they are all in harddrives i can't get into. here's where you come in, my lovelies. please post pictures here of sarah & went (together or separately, from any photo shoot, promos, screen caps, or any of their films / TV shows) that you like.

thank you!

26th-Apr-2012 12:20 am - TV thoughts
under the cut just in case

could be spoilerishCollapse )
22nd-Apr-2012 12:49 am - had a visitor this week
a couple of days this week i babysat for an old family friend, who is temporally fostering a family friend/ employee co-workers' children. complicated much? youbetcha!! LOL

hessy, age 4, kept cupcake enthralled! at times you didn't even know 2 girlies were here! other times, not so much....the high pitched squealing/ screaming for joy nearly busted my fillings!! lol

cupcake said she loved her, asked if she could take her home and keep her! just like she was a stray kitten! LOLOL

in the blink of my camera shudder, they were like this:

the girls in action
12th-Apr-2012 11:30 am - i've always been ahead of my time....
i made one of these (as seen on pinterest today):

30 years ago!!!

got tired of stepping on those damn sharp little pieces in the middle of the night on the way to the kitchen for a drink of ice water!

seems like they never get too old to play with legos! he was pretty happy to see them! hehe!! boys and their toys...*shakes head*

20th-Mar-2012 12:31 pm - feeling guilty?
over the last 2 weeks, every time i call cupcake for whatever reason (it got too quite, i can't see her, lunchtime, etc.) she answers, "nut-ting". not yes, not what G, not i'm right here, not i'm coming....."nut-ting" she immediately answers! LOL

that tells me a lot!! scares me too because she is up to something and that's not good! LOL

don't let the cuteness fool you.....she's been up to no good and got a guilty conscious!

and the T-shirt lies too!  '->

19th-Mar-2012 08:37 am - today is going to be great!!
i say sarcastically! why? because i've been sick for the last 3 cupcakeless, tons of work to do days. and last night i didn't sleep. needless to say that i'm miserable! headache, joints, ears and throat ache, everything flippin' hurts! of course i got it from the germ infested little girlie demons. they have been perpetually sick since kylie started school....which means i have been too. i could rant about this, but i'm too tired right now.

and now miss cupcake is here, but occupied putting away all the canned cat & dog food away. the girl loves to organize! it will keep her busy for quite a while.

i was forced to go out yesterday to get pet food and some essential groceries (i was out of everything and already a week past regularly scheduled grocery shopping). but i felt a lot better compared to today.... :-/
16th-Mar-2012 12:22 am - where was i??
good question. mostly i've been computerless. my beloved desktop has problems i couldn't fix anymore. i needed something reliable, dependable & i needed it NOW, so i caved and was forced to purchase one of these:

started to research, got overwhelmed (soooo many choices), called mohawk boy and asked him to pick one out for me! LOL he found  this one (Asus A53U purchased from was within my limited budget and had what i wanted most (a huge harddrive). while we were deliberating, it came up on sale with free shipping!! i jumped all over that! hey it saved me $40!

i've been trying to figure out windows 7 (barely scratched the surface..the 'instruction' manual is worthless!!l) and get everything else up and running the way i like, which takes quite time for thinking. when i have a minute to myself that is!! which isn't often, let me tell ya! the reason for my lack of time guessed it....miss cupcake. she has me going all day long..... she is exhausting! but i'll save that for another post or 5!  '->

since i had to purchase a laptop and laptops are portable, i needed to buy one of these to tote it around in (or so my sister told me):

sissy took me bag shopping to where she got a bag for her daughter's new laptop (xmas gift). she kept showing (shoving in my face) all these bags that had shinny gold stuff on them, lots of outer pockets, or were just shinny themselves, or had some print on them (like the alligator skin pattern with pink in between the lines {{{shudders}}}) but this one stopped me in my tracks! it was perfect! i could hear angels ahhhhhhhing in the background! it was plain, simple, classic lines, not shinny, but still had the luster of fake leather i love so much and it was black! i threw it in the cart and headed to the registers! when sissy caught up with me, she said, "oh, that's....nice. where was it? i didn't see it." i said, "you walked right past it....twice. guess it wasn't shinny enough to catch your eye" she told me to shuddup or she was leaving me & my 'dull bag' at the store!! LOL did i mention we were 20 miles from home!! yeah, nothing like a couple of old cranky sisters (and i'm referring to her) shopping together! hehe!

11th-Feb-2012 07:03 pm - Writer's Block: Sh*t Happens
What is the best way to develop a positive attitude?
humor. it's the only answer to everything. '->
20th-Jan-2012 04:07 am - Мои твиты
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